Just a humble gesture of gratitude for all you and your team are doing for Simon. The road may be very long but he is showing signs of progress thanks to you.

Hermann and Mary Grace (and Simon too!)

I am most grateful to all of you for your teamwork, support and interest in helping Julia. Your dedication helps to ease off the heartache and fear I encounter every day as I witness Julia‚Äôs problem and the difficulties she is facing because of her condition.  


Ellie has improved in leaps and bounds ... even academically! Ellie's summer tutor has also seen a massive improvement. With regards to spelling she now just practices once and remembers it ... something which she struggled with before! Her reading has also massively improved. I am overjoyed and couldn't be more proud :-)


Our son was so proud when he left yesterday! He will really miss being with you for your weekly sessions and so will I! Meeting you regularly reassured me! I hope I'll be able to follow your advice daily and diligently to help our child keep up his good work, but knowing you are just a phone call away reassures me! Thanks for your hard work, calm approach and dedicated time! Looking forward to meeting you soon!


It was a great honour to meet you this scholastic year as my student being autistic presented certain difficulties that I wanted to tackle and solve...The first BIG problem was eating, as although his mother said that at home he ate everything, at school, it was not the same...

At school, he only used to eat Kinder Brioss and Plasmon biscuits, and that could not keep on going as he was already 5 years of age.... so we

had a meeting in January to discuss certain issues. In the meeting you suggested starting with yoghurt, by just touching his lips twice....eventually I did as you told me, and I succeeded....gradually he ate all his yoghurt without problems... I wanted to move on and you suggested pureed fruit, which he learnt to eat with a spoon on his own......by the end of the year, he ate bread at school, chicken, vegetable burger, and meat by using a fork with help. I also wanted help in the choosing of colours, as he was not able to make up his mind what colour to choose....you suggested by giving him a choice of two colours only......slowly we ended up by him choosing the colour he wants from all the colours in his pencil case. I also asked help in the throwing and catching, and besides using skittles for him to throw at, you told me to use a balloon for his catching and throwing as it is slower than a ball..... this still needed more prompts, but we would have accomplished it also if we had more time by the end of the year. I thank you for all your help and suggestions, they helped me in making my student become a more independent person

Hilary Vella, LSE

So yesterday I took Julian to the swings and there were two slides - not with the usual steps. One was easier than the other and he did it straight away - and I could see how happy he was. Then there was another one which was more of a challenge - the first bar was way too high so had to give him a helping hand. As soon as he climbed on top I could feel his fear, he was shaking. To be honest I was scared too. Asked him if he wanted to go back down, but to my surprise, he said no. So I told him okay then hold on to the railing, don't look down and you can do it. And HE DID IT! I was so pleased and proud of him because he didn't let his fear take over. He felt so good with himself that he kept doing it over and over again - each time experimenting a little bit more, like walking faster on the bridge. For other kids his age this may be another slide but for us, it was a huge accomplishment, so thank you for giving him the right tools during therapy, we couldn't have done it with you. 


I would like to thank you and all the team for the impeccable service you are providing. We really appreciate your feedback regarding Julian's needs and suggestions to aid in his development...we look forward to the next session!

Joan & Albert